About Us

Since 1922 continuously, Paragon Packaging Inc. has produced custom packaging and, for 36 years, has specialized in board game production and manufacturing.  Our production is in the heart of USA, the Chicago area, where we have the best printers and the best access to transportation.  Our custom packaging serves industries like gourmet foods, coffee, teas, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, toy and board game packaging among many.  We offer paperboard printing and packaging, plastic packaging, and point of purchase displays.

Your board game, card game, or other retail packaging and product packaging business is important, so the delivery schedules are reliable and the quality is flawless. Whether you are searching for a board game manufacturer or someone to offer assistance in  Packaging Design, we build relationships, and our goal is for you to be able to rely on Paragon Packaging as your manufacturing partner.   Please take a few moments to browse our web site, especially the portfolio of successful products, and think about your dream becoming a reality.  We’ll be glad to help.